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BAPTIZED opens to a standing ovation!

Last night’s opening of BAPTIZED TO THE BONE was received with a standing ovation and praise from audience members.

“Incredible piece of theater here!! So impressed by what three performers pulled off tonight…..poignant, intense, funny, twisted! Superb work, ya’all!” says Jacquie Broach

“What a riot. Serious. Sad. Funny. Tragic.” says Peter Robertson

“TNE’s ‘Baptized to the Bone’ at Brokenleg Stage was EXCELLENT!! Fun, funny, poignant, SEXY!!” exclaims Brian Rhea.

Make your plans to see this fantastic piece of independent theater in Fresno soon!

Photos by Kristin G. Photography


In Rehearsals Now! Baptized to the Bone!


by Dave Johnson
Directed by J. Daniel Herring
Featuring Hayley Galbraith, David Marinovich, and Matthew Schiltz.
Dark Comedy.

Ottis (Matthew Schiltz) is dying to leave Sand Hills, North Carolina and produce his “Gospel Poetry Opera” in New York. With no money and few prospects, he decides to hustle Gladys (Hayley Galbraith), the local preacher’s wife. What she doesn’t know is that Ottis is also hustling her husband, the preacher (David Marinovich). The scams deepen, complications ensue, and events take an unexpected turn. In a swealtering North Carolina summer, be careful what you wish for!

Baptized to the Bone, opening August 17th at 8 pm at the Broken Leg Stage, 1470 N. Van Ness, Fresno.