What People are Saying

2012: Top 20 Cultural Arts Events in Fresno (Brooke Aiello’s performance of HAMLET). ~The Fresno Bee

2011: Top 20 Cultural Arts Events in Fresno (The Pillowman). ~Fresno Bee
2011: Best Local Discovery (Hot Off the Stages Play Readings). ~Donald Munro, Fresno Beehive.com

2010: Top 20 Cultural Arts Events in Fresno (Turn of the Screw). ~Fresno Bee

“Haley [White’s] ability to portray the emotion, the wit, the intelligence, and the sadness of the character was incredible. She became Oscar Wilde for me during those two hours and I hurt for him… Gross Indecency took me on an amazing journey with great skill.” ~Kings River Life Magazine

“I’m a huge fan of TNE- I love how their plays always make me think, how they don’t rely on elaborate costuming or sets, but emotion that hits you like a punch to the gut, and I love that their plays are always timely and relevant and bold. Gross Indecency was all that and then some- if you don’t see it next weekend, you are missing out! Mind = blown!” – From audience member Nikki Valentine

“Haley White delivers a finely crafted and nuanced performance. … this “Gross Indecency” gives a fascinating and unorthodox glimpse at a remarkable artist.” ~Donald Munro, The Fresno Bee.

“Can you hear the call to theater salvation? I’d say it’s time to flock down to the Broken Leg Stage and get “Baptized.” – Donald Munro of the Fresno Bee!

“How great to see a show relying on nothing more than a great script, intuitive directing, dynamic performances, and passion for the story.” ~Chris Mangels, audience member

“Incredible piece of theater here!! So impressed by what three performers pulled off tonight…..poignant, intense, funny, twisted!” ~Jacquie Wilson Broach, audience member

HAMLET (2012):
“I’ve seen “Hamlet” many times on both stage and screen, but rarely have I felt as intimately connected to the material as I did opening night of The New Ensemble’s scrappy and invigorating production of the classic.”
~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

“Weirdly wonderful” and “a dedicated, thoughtful performance”. ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

“Entertainment of a very high order.” ~Burnis Tuck, audience member

“I can’t remember the last time I saw something so intellectually stimulating, with so much passion for ideas, in Fresno.” ~Prof. Katti, audience member

“well-crafted and ambitious”. ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

A PICASSO (2011):
“A Picasso” is a compelling chunk of theater. It’d be nice to see crowds of Fresno artists (visual ones especially) trooping out to see the show… What they’ll find is a blend of history, philosophy and the always fascinating Picasso.” ~Donald Munro, arts reviewer Fresno Bee.

“…thank you for a great and especially memorable entertainment…”~Mike Gish, audience member

“The plot moved effortlessly and the cast, in my opinion, put on a superb performance.” ~Julie, comments via email.

“stellar performances from James Sherrill and Landon Weiszbrod”….”this production does a fine job paying tribute to the brazen appeal of McDonagh’s words. The New Ensemble is obviously blazing a fiery new path at the Broken Leg Stage.” ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee


“An unsettling and top-notch production. A creepy good time.” ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

“This is a sharp little production, filled with blatant creepiness and nuanced acting.” ~Audience comment, via Fresno Beehive

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