What People are Saying


“THE AMISH PROJECT is a “gutsy little production” and “There is much to admire in this well acted and directed production…In a violent world, The New Ensemble delivers provocative theater.” -Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

“The Amish Project: A thought provoking piece of theatre that explores forgiveness in a moment of absolute horror in a community. Today’s tragic events in Paris made this production that much more relevant. Congratulations again to Kristin and to Heather and thank you for bringing this important piece to the valley! Go see this show. Seriously.”
-Miguel Gastelum

“It should come as no surprise that The New Ensemble produced such great piece. Heather Parish and the New Ensemble are consistently choosing and producing relevant and thought provoking plays. If you want more art in Fresno that challenges you, please support the group by going to see this play this week.” – Manuel Bonilla

“It was so well-played and moving. I’m not often moved to tears by a play –jaded theater professor that I am–but that ending got to me, which says something about the non-sentimental writing AND the performance.” -Julia Reimer, professor of theater at Fresno Pacific University about The Amish Project.


“I loved this provocative show! Still thinking about the issues it raises!” – audience member Bobbi Jentes Mason.


2012: Top 20 Cultural Arts Events in Fresno (Brooke Aiello’s performance of HAMLET). ~The Fresno Bee

2011: Top 20 Cultural Arts Events in Fresno (The Pillowman). ~Fresno Bee
2011: Best Local Discovery (Hot Off the Stages Play Readings). ~Donald Munro, Fresno Beehive.com

2010: Top 20 Cultural Arts Events in Fresno (Turn of the Screw). ~Fresno Bee

“Haley [White’s] ability to portray the emotion, the wit, the intelligence, and the sadness of the character was incredible. She became Oscar Wilde for me during those two hours and I hurt for him… Gross Indecency took me on an amazing journey with great skill.” ~Kings River Life Magazine

“I’m a huge fan of TNE- I love how their plays always make me think, how they don’t rely on elaborate costuming or sets, but emotion that hits you like a punch to the gut, and I love that their plays are always timely and relevant and bold. Gross Indecency was all that and then some- if you don’t see it next weekend, you are missing out! Mind = blown!” – From audience member Nikki Valentine

“Haley White delivers a finely crafted and nuanced performance. … this “Gross Indecency” gives a fascinating and unorthodox glimpse at a remarkable artist.” ~Donald Munro, The Fresno Bee.

“Can you hear the call to theater salvation? I’d say it’s time to flock down to the Broken Leg Stage and get “Baptized.” – Donald Munro of the Fresno Bee!

“How great to see a show relying on nothing more than a great script, intuitive directing, dynamic performances, and passion for the story.” ~Chris Mangels, audience member

“Incredible piece of theater here!! So impressed by what three performers pulled off tonight…..poignant, intense, funny, twisted!” ~Jacquie Wilson Broach, audience member

HAMLET (2012):
“I’ve seen “Hamlet” many times on both stage and screen, but rarely have I felt as intimately connected to the material as I did opening night of The New Ensemble’s scrappy and invigorating production of the classic.”
~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

“Weirdly wonderful” and “a dedicated, thoughtful performance”. ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

“Entertainment of a very high order.” ~Burnis Tuck, audience member

“I can’t remember the last time I saw something so intellectually stimulating, with so much passion for ideas, in Fresno.” ~Prof. Katti, audience member

“well-crafted and ambitious”. ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

A PICASSO (2011):
“A Picasso” is a compelling chunk of theater. It’d be nice to see crowds of Fresno artists (visual ones especially) trooping out to see the show… What they’ll find is a blend of history, philosophy and the always fascinating Picasso.” ~Donald Munro, arts reviewer Fresno Bee.

“…thank you for a great and especially memorable entertainment…”~Mike Gish, audience member

“The plot moved effortlessly and the cast, in my opinion, put on a superb performance.” ~Julie, comments via email.

“stellar performances from James Sherrill and Landon Weiszbrod”….”this production does a fine job paying tribute to the brazen appeal of McDonagh’s words. The New Ensemble is obviously blazing a fiery new path at the Broken Leg Stage.” ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee


“An unsettling and top-notch production. A creepy good time.” ~Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

“This is a sharp little production, filled with blatant creepiness and nuanced acting.” ~Audience comment, via Fresno Beehive


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