First Play Reading Series: Success

Tonight we wrapped up our premiere HOT OFF THE STAGES Play Reading Series and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Our first night we had 20 people and by our third week we had grown to 34. About half of week two and week three were repeats, which means we had about 42 unique visitors total. For a company that seats a maximum of fifty seats any any one of our shows, that’s quite an accomplishment! And, by my estimation, about 40% of that total audience had had no previous connection to The New Ensemble at all– this was their first touchpoint with our work! Very exciting to see new people taking an interest in independent theater in Fresno!

We hope to be able to do another series in the fall or winter. For those of you who attended, please let us know what you thought of the experience and how we might improve it at the earliest possible convenience!

Many thanks and may you all have wonderful summer theatrical experiences!

Heather Parish
Artistic Director


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