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The Amish Project

The Amish Project is a fictional exploration of the Nickel Mines schoolhouse shooting in an Amish community, and the path of forgiveness and compassion forged in its wake.

Encore Performance Sunday December 13, 2015

7pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
at The Mennonite Community Church
5015 E Olive Ave at Willow in Fresno

Tickets are $10 and available online or at the door.

Fresno Bee Q&A with director Heather Parish
“Forgiveness is not a trick where you snap your fingers, all of the bad feelings go away and you pretend like all is well. It is not a pardon and it is not a reconciliation. It is a process.”

Fresno Bee Review of The Amish Project
“In a violent world, The New Ensemble delivers provocative theater. The Amish people in this situation did a remarkable thing. As I left the theater, I could only wonder: Would I have the strength to do the same? I hope against hope never to find out.” -Donald Munro

Called “a remarkable piece of writing” by The New York Times and “unique, uplifting, and unforgettable” by Chicago Theatre Beat, THE AMISH PROJECT is a powerful and poetic piece inspired by the 2006 killing of five girls in a hostage-taking at an Amish school in Pennsylvania. One actress (Kristin Lyn Crase) conjures seven characters, from gunman to community members, to victims and family, and delves into how communities are indelibly tied together in such a crisis, as well as how forgiveness and compassion are forged in the wake of tragedy.


Advisory for strong language. Performed by Kristin Lyn Crase. Directed by Heather Parish.

“Go see The Amish Project! Major kudos to Heather Parish and The New Ensemble for this breathtaking show. In the wake of so many mass shootings, I think it’s easy to become desensitized. This show made the tragedy of those events intensely personal but at the same time presented a broader view of what humanity really is and how to forgive. It’s a must-see!” – Nikki Valentine


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