For five years, The New Ensemble’s core members created a dozen independent productions of forward-thinking theater and hosted a dozen new play readings in Fresno. The Ensemble members have, in recent years, gone on to pursue other work and opportunities, creating pop-up theater, solo shows, and a wide variety of projects with a wide variety of local artists.

Most independent theater companies have times of great productivity and followed by uncertain fallow seasons. The New Ensemble is currently in a fallow season and, at this point in time, has no plans to produce another play in the near future. Your support and interest has been our principle inspiration and we hope you’ll keep an eye out for us because we’re still here. . . just in different iterations!

Our members can be seen writing, performing and producing shows with The Rogue Festival and The Motley Fools.

We thank you for all of your kind words over the years and hope you’ll still #goseeashow !