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 unrehearsed shakespeare


The first of three Unrehearsed Shakespeare Readings
Returning our jovial free readings for the community to the Tower District.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Mia Cuppa Caffe, Tower District, Fresno.
Scrolls handed to cast at 7 p.m. Grab a coffee and snack. Reading begins at 7:30 p.m.


Read by a completely unrehearsed and up-for-anything ensemble using the “Unrehearsed Cue-Script Technique”. Join us for one of Shakespeare’s brightest comedies, performed with spontaneity and wit by some of Fresno’s finest actors.

It’s a practice based on how Shakespearean actors actually learned and performed their roles. In order to save paper, time, and the fist-cramps of writers (not to mention to keep full plays out of the hands of thieving rival companies!), actors were not given the full text of a script. They were only given scrolls which contained the last few words of the lines ahead of them (the cue), their own lines, entrances, exits and only essential stage directions.

How did the actors know what to do on stage if they had no access to the full script? Well, they listened extremely well. And they stayed open to spontaneous inspiration as they went along. Playwrights like Shakespeare also wrote clues to the characters and stage directions into the text of a script itself. The spelling, the punctuation, the language, the meter, and word choice all contain cues for the actors that they would give and receive spontaneously on stage. Everything an actor needs to know about how to perform a role is right there in his cue-script.

And this is what we hope to capture in our Unrehearsed Shakespeare Readings – the living spontaneity and experience created by the words, the voice, and the actors themselves.

We hope you’ll join us for this uniquely joyful experience in Shakespeare!

Read about one person’s experience with Unrehearsed Cue-Script performance
and get a better idea of what you might be in for!

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