{tne lab}

The New Ensemble Theater Group strongly believes that Fresno is a great town for getting things started. Here, artists can cut their teeth on independent productions and projects with very little money, resources, and red-tape.  Keeping things sustainable. . . THAT is where things can get rough.

But when artists get off to a good start with a solid understanding of what producing theater in Fresno entails, they are already on the road to creating many more great things for Fresno audiences.

To that end, The New Ensemble has developed a program called {tne lab}.

{tne lab} partners with local artists interested in developing their original play, producing an off-beat script, or creating a unique theatrical experience independently in Fresno.  We take our collective experience as an independent producer  and guide that artist through the process of developing the play, planning the production, finding the venue, creating budgets, raising their own money, and executing the plan for a successful first production. Everything from essential marketing, box office management, backstage organization, as well as best practices in play production and development are covered in the {tne lab} program.

Artists keep the creative control they desire over their production and the money they raise and earn is their own. {tne lab} requests only a donation from the box office receipts in return for participation in the program.  The production is truly the artist’s own, produced in association with {tne lab}.  

{tne lab}, for the encouragement and expression of independent theater in Fresno.

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